Sunday, March 8, 2009


Til March 15th
buy 7 packages of Kraft shredded or block cheese - get $10 catalina
4 of the packs MUST have 2% written on them and then you will get a bonus $3 catalina
first order - pay $14.25 get $13 back in catalinas
use them on next order - Rinse and repeat :)

If you have any coupons for $1/2 packs - MONEY MAKER!!!!!

another idea is
6 packs of cheese (4 must be 2%)
1 Kraft mac and cheese EASY MAC - $1
total - $13 + tax get $13 back!

You can freeze and refreeze shredded cheese - but not recommended for block cheese - it makes it crumbly after thawing - or you can shred the block first and then freeze it - or if crumbly is ok - freeze away. SO stock up those freezers!

update - the packages of 2% singles did not generate the $3 catalina - I did call them and will update this when I hear back from them.
Also - I did get 2 packages of the 2% string cheese sticks on sale 2/$6 - you can do an order like
2 pks of string cheese
4 pks of blocks or shreds
just make sure at least 4 packages have the 2% on them - to get the extra $3 cat.


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