Thursday, June 11, 2009

We made it... new deal alert from Jewel!

Just wanted to let you all we made it to New Zealand safe and sound. Still recovering from the sheer exhaustion of the last few weeks and getting some needed rest! The kids did pretty good too!

While I'm gone, I still receive a few great deal alerts from friends so I'll post them here for your benefit! Leave me comments if you find others and can use these :) GO GET ALL THOSE DEALS FOR ME WHILE I'M GONE :)

Right now there is a catalina deal at Jewel if you buy $25 worth of participating Coke, Unilever, and General Mills products, you get a $10 coupon on your next order, buy $15, get a $5 coupon, buy $10, get a $2 coupon. Remember that to get the $25 minimum (or $15 or $10), you can go by the BEFORE preferred card price. For example, Breyers ice cream is on sale for $3, but the before-sale price is $6.29, so if you bought four cartons, you would only pay $12 out of pocket ($3 each x 4), but because they are $6.29 before the preferred card sale, you would qualify for $25.16 ($6.29 x 4), so you would pay $12, and get back a $10 coupon - that's like getting the ice cream for $0.50 each!! (even better if you have the $1.00/2 coupon from 5/17 Red Plum insert - you might get the ice cream for free!). The easist way to do this is to scan your preferred card at the end of the transaction, rather than scanning it first, then you can make sure you hit the $25 before the preferred card/tax.

I couldn't find an exhaustive list of all the prices/sales, but here's the best one I found from Enjoy!

So, here's the deal: Buy $10 of participating products, get $2.00 OYNO. Buy $15, get $5.00 OYNO. Buy $25+, get $10 OYNO. This is confirmed to work off of ring price rather than preferred card price. Note that ring price may vary between stores. Props go to the great people over at Couponers Wanted for lots of info about this one. Some of the included products with coupon matchups as there are more included and in the ad, but these might be some of the best bets.
Suddenly Salad, $1.25 ($2.25 ring price). Print $.40/1 at Betty Crocker. Print another $.40/1 at $.50/2 5/17 SS.
Ragu, $1.50 ($1.99 ring price). Print $1.00/2 Ragu (in Spanish; turn off your popup blocker). $1.00/2 5/17 RP. $.60/1 selected flavors 5/17 RP.
Breyers ice cream, $3.00 ($6.29 ring price). $1.00/2 5/17 RP.
Skippy peanut butter, $2.00 ($3.25 ring price). $.40/1 4/5 Unilever.
Bertolli pasta sauce, $2.00 ($3.95 ring price). $1.00/1 pouch; $.60/1 jar 4/5 Unilever.
Klondike $3.00 (ring price $5.50).
Snuggle $3.00 (ring price $4.25). $.50/1 5/17 RP.
Bisquick, $1.50 (ring $2.45).
Betty Crocker family-sized brownies, $1.25 (ring $2.25).
Wish-bone, $2.00 (ring price is I think $2.79, might be lower so careful). $1.00/2 5/17 RP; $1.00/1 spritzers 5/17 RP. Print $.75/1 Wish-bone here. Look for hangtags on Wish-bone for $2.00 off bagged salad wyb 2 (I found these at Dominicks recently).
All Small & Mighty, $4.50 (ring price $6.49). Print $1.00/1 here. $1.00/2 5/10 RP.
Bertolli frozen meals, $6.99 (ring $8.99). Print $2.00/1 here. $1.00/1 6/7 RP.
Cheerios, $2.00 (ring $3.75). Print $1.00/1 Cheerios. $1.00/3 GM cereal at $1.00/3 5/3; 5/31 SS. $1.00/2 Betty Crocker (I think only honey nut, if included). $.55/1 Betty Crocker. (There is also supposed to be $1.00/2 in this Sunday's inserts, if that one is in our area.)
Total, $2.00 (ring $3.50?ish). Print $1.00/2 at Betty Crocker.
Fiber One bars, $3.00. Print $.40/1 Betty Crocker. Print $.45/1
Nature Valley Granola bars, (ring $2.99). Print $.75/2 $.75/2 5/31 SS.
Chex Mix bars, $3.00 (ring $3.65). $1.00/2 4/26 SS; $.60/1 at Print $.60/1 Betty Crocker.
24-pack Dasani water, $4.50 (ring $6.95).
PHEW! Anyway, there are a lot more products included so check your in-store ad for a few more. The above are some of the best in terms of spread between preferred/ring price and coupons available. For example, you could buy:
12 Suddenly Salads at $15.00 (ring price $27.00, getting you over $25). Use as many of the $.40/1 coupons as you can print. (At least 4, because you can print 2 at Betty Crocker and 2 at, so $1.60 off gets you to $13.40.) Get a $10.00 Catalina back.
Don't forget you can always roll Catalinas at Jewel, so take that $10.00 you just bought and do another scenario! Remember, you have to hit $25.00 on the price it rings up at before the Preferred Card discount in order to get the $10.00 Catalina. So, check your coupons stash and see what you can come up with and if you have good scenarios, share them here! I'll add to this post as more info appears over the week.

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