Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy NEW YEAR and great deals this week!

I trust you all had a very Merry Christmas and are getting ready for a Happy New Year!

I'm Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We had lots of family in for Christmas then this last Sunday our basement flooded and spent 3 days cleaning and sorting that all up and then had hernia surgery today.  I'm not allowed to lift anything over 5 pounds for size weeks - what am I going to do when I go bargain shopping??? I hope they have nice guys or gals who will help :)

I did find a few deals that I'll post for now!

Be careful on the WAGS rebate catalog Free after rebate items - there are 3 different Revlon rebates shown BUT you can ONLY DO ONE OF YOUR CHOICE!  It's very confusing and there will be a lot of upset people when they find out! Just wanted to give you the heads up!

here at Victoria's Secret - there are sweaters for $9.99 and up - there is also a free shipping code for over $100 (SHIP09) - so get up to 10 sweaters for $10 each and free shipping - or something like that - click here
I just got a sweater for $14.99
2 bras for $5 each (codes - FA812793 and SP77933)
and a free pair of panties (PASS01090 for $32 incl. shipping - MUST USE  VS Angels CC.
going to do it again if possible - super cheap and great items!

Dont forget to go to - and then go to VS thru their link and earn 1 point for each $1 spent - I forget to do this occasionally.

Dimetapp/Robitussin Register Reward
Buy $20, get $10 RR
Buy $10, get $5 RR

Robitussin $4
- $1 (RP 12/14 or 11/2)
- $.50 (RP 9/21)
- Robitussin - $2 off  coupon
- Robitussin - $1 off coupon

Buy 5 for $20, Use five $2 c/o's
Get $10 RR
Final price 5/FREE

Dimetapp $4
- $1 (RP 9/21 or 11/2)
Dimetapp - $2 off coupon
Buy 5 for $20, Use five $2 c/o's
Get $10 RR
Final price 5/FREE

Now is the time to do the Walgreens Garnier deals before the shelves are stripped. Many Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling products are on sale for $2.19. The January Easy Saver catalog has a $2 off coupon. There are also $1 coupons in the following inserts: RP 10/5, RP 11/9, RP 9/14, RP 6/22. If you use a $1 coupon, it will give you overage (YMMV, no promises) so be sure you are buying enough other products to absorb the overage. Suggestion: Get one of the new FARs with your overage, then you'll get all that money back. 

 Print off a $1.50 coupon on Colgate Total Toothpaste (12/31/10) Scroll to the bottom. Note: It looks like this is part of an Aetna insurance brochure of some kind. I'm not sure if Colgate intended it to be posted by Aetna on their website for people to print a zillion times, but it is on the official Aetna site. This Coupon expires today - but you can still use it if your store accepts Expireds (my CVS will take expired coupons up to 30 days - doesnt hurt to ask).

More later!

PLEASE post a comment if you are able to use these or what kind of deals you find - It's nice to hear if others are benefitting or find other deals!


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