Friday, September 4, 2009


I have neglected this blog so much this summer - for those that loved it, I truly am sorry!

I have found so many sites that do exactly the same thing, so I will start just putting links to their sites and save myself so much time so I can actually go out and do them more myself!

Here are some of my personal favorite sites: - this is a forum, so you have to sign up (FREE) and get permission to join. They will help you with almost any store nationwide! - very similar to CW above but even BIGGER - I used their Target coupon generator - more Chicago stores but also posts online deals, and large chain stores. - she's really good at Target deals - deals for almost any major chain store! - very similar to CW and HCW above - I get my Target coupons printed here in mass with their coupon generator too

Will post more of just my personal deals for the most part on this blog.

I do not want to sound like I am bragging because be it far from that! I just want to show people what is possible and what God has allowed me to learn to do and help pass on these things to others so that they can do more for their own families, churches, and others.

Delight of Deals Photo Gallery!