Thursday, November 13, 2008


Spend $20 and get $10 coupon OYNO (coupon spits out based on your NON preferred card price - not after - yipee!)

Hello, this is just a small portion of the list of qualifying items:
2/$6 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers (NPC 2/7.90)
4/$5 Chef Boyardee Pasta or Manwich (NPC 4/$9)
4/$10 marie Callendar's complete dinners or one dish classics, pot pies,
      and Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers or Paninis (NPC 4/$16)
4/$5 Hunts pasta sauce 26oz (NPC 4/$6.60)
2/$4 Reddi Wip topping (NPC 2/6.50)
10/$10 Banquet Value Menu Dinners
10/$10 Swiss Miss Hot cocoa 10ct. selected varieties
10/$10 Hunts diced tomatoes or Ro-Tel tomatoes
BOGO Orville Redenbacher's micro popcorn (Single item price 3.49)
30% Parkay or Fleischmann's margarine 8 -41oz
2/$6 Egg Beaters Egg Substitue 15-16oz (NPC 2/8.50)
2/$5.50 Swiss Miss Pudding 24oz. (NPC 2/6.50)
2/$5 Peter Pan (NPC 2/$5.90)
$3.99 Wesson (NPC $6.99)

Here are some sample ideas:
5 Swiss Miss cocoa = 10.23 and got another $10 OYNO
8 Swiss Miss Cocoa ($2.55 each NPC) + Walnuts for baking ($3.37) paid $10.63 - receive $10OYNO
*Some people I have heard had the cocoa ring up at $2.35 so be careful*

2 Fresh Mixers, 11 CBAD, 2 Promise 4pk $21.83 got another $10 back.

Buy 5 HC Fresh Mixers (2/7.90)= $19.75
Buy other small $1 filler from page (Swiss Miss or Rotel )
SubTotal before PC and Coupons= $20.75+
After PC (preferred card)= $16
Use 5x $1 off coupon in 10/26 SS= -$5
OOP = $11 and get $10 CAT

$1 off any egg beater product link at bottom
If Pre PC CAT.
Buy 5 Egg beater= $21.25
After PC= $15
After 5x $1 off Coupons = $10
Get $10 CAT = !!FREE!!

Well you get the idea - HAPPY SHOPPING!


Monica said...

Sigh....ok, you are going to have to give me a key of abbreviations. I am so trying to learn

AnnesZoo said...

If you look at one of my first posts - I have a bunch of abbreviations listed there.
I think it's filed under coupon information or something like that! :)

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