Monday, May 11, 2009

The Printable Coupons Mother-Load from Hotcouponworld

Break out the paper and make sure your toner is stocked!

I truly can't remember when the printable coupons were quite this amazing but really, this month, they just keep coming!  Here's the scoop...

Get high value $1/1 and $1/2 printables on the following items -

Kraft Cheese
Planters Peanuts
Grey Poupon
Nabisco 100-calorie packs
Kraft miracle whip
Digiorno Pizza
Crystal Light
Oscar Meyer
Maxwell House
Ritz Chips
Claussen Pickles
Philly Cream Cheese
Cool Whip
Wheat Thins

Seriously, the list goes on and all - there are over 100 coupons today to print, and remember, you can print them twice! - GO TO

But you have to get them fast - the inventory will turn quickly and they'll be gone within the week. 

Even some of our other printable partners have a few new ones today - GM cereals, Dole, and more here:

$2 off New Quaker Pancake Mix, $1.50 off 2 Kelloggs cereals and more:

Really, if your stores take printables (or if you want some good coupons for your havelist), you've got to get in there and get these printed before they're gone.  I'm hoping the early heads up will help you get in there and get what you need before everyone else on the planet realizes they're there.

Happy Shopping!

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