Sunday, April 12, 2009

Freebies at Walgreens and CVS!

This week at Wags:
1 - free one a day Multivitatmin drink mix 2 pack  $1.49 - $1.49 ESRbook

2 - Buy $10 of Physicians Formula Organic Wear Makeup - get $10 rebate
use $1 coupon - FREE plus $1 profit

3 - Colgate Toothbrushes Max White or Max Fresh  $3.29 - $3.29 RR = FREE
you can do this multiple times - once per transaction DO not use the RR from the previous Colgate to purchase the new Colgate or you will not get the new RR.  You can however use a RR from a different product such as the shave gels below to pay for the Colgate and still get the new Colgate RR.

4 - Edge Energy Shave Gels $2.99 - $2.99RR = FREE - can be repeated once per transaction - add something that is $.30 or more to this order and use the $3.29 RR from the colgate to pay for this the use this RR to pay for another Colgate - Rinse and Repeat flip flopping the RR - very little money out of pocket that way!

5 - Skintimate 6 oz Moisturizer Cream Shave Extra Gentle Infused with Vitamin E & Soy $2.99 - $2.99 RR
= FREE - this is the same RR as the Edge Shave gels, can be repeated but only once per transaction (same info as #4)

6 - Fiber Choice 10 ct Tablests $2.49 - $2.49 RR = FREE - once per transaction - same deals apply above

7 - Mentos Gum is on sale $2/2 - use two $1 coupons from 3/1  = FREE must buy 2 to get the sale price

8 - Scunci Elastics 18 pack $2 - $2RR = FREE - once per transaction - same info as #4

9 - look for any degree deodorant that is on clearance for $1.07  then use .75 cent coupon - buy 6 and get $6 RR back - FREE or almost free if you dont have coupons
plus this qualifies towards the Unilever - Buy $40 in Unilever Products and Receive up to $20 Rebate on Your Ham or Turkey Purchase" - not sure where this is from but will look!

CVS freebies:
1 - Softsoap bodywash $4.99 - $4.99 ECB = FREE, limit 1 per ECB card
use $1 coupon = Free plus $1 profit

2 - Colgate Enamel Prtect, sensitive whitening 6 oz or 360 sensitive toothbrush $3.99 - $3.99 ECB = FREE, limit 2 per card
use $.75 off coupon from 2/22 or 3/29
or $1/2 brushes from 3/29
or $1 coupon for sensitive IP coupon


MommaHarms said...

Anne, have you tried any of these yet? I got hte toothpaste last night but no RR printed. There was no tag so I didn't really feel like i could say anything. The skintimate didn't work but Hot Coupon World says it is only the new bottle style, so I bought the wrong one.

AnnesZoo said...

I believe it is the toothbrush, not the toothpaste - according to refundcents unless they typed it wrong. Havent tried it yet.

Yes it's only the new Skintimate. When it first came out, it was ANY, but now it's only the new Skintimate and Edge - you can exchange it for the new one.

Hope that helps.

MommaHarms said...

got it to work perfectly this time! It is the toothbrushes, and I went to a different Wags and they had everything clearly marked.

AnnesZoo said...

GREAT - thanks for the update!
That helps a lot!

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