Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Organizing your Coupons

I used to use the accordion style cases and then I also used a box with dividers - but it wasnt until this last fall that I switched to a BINDER method - that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!

I then switched to large pockets in a binder - with each category in one pocket - that was better but I was still digging thru coupons!

I then  purchased nice quality baseball card sheet holders on eBay and put them into a Mary Kay sample binder that zips closed (VERY IMPORTANT) and has a nice long shoulder handle.
I now have 2 of these - one for current coupons and one for expired coupons!

It took some time to get it all organized - but it is so worth it now, especially when I have 2 toddlers.  I can flip right thru each section and see exactly what I have.  When expire I move them from one binder to the other!

Feel free to comment or let me know your tips!


Michellyn said...

I've been thinking of getting one of these (none of the stores around here accept expired coupons, so I should just need one). Can you get the baseball card holders at Walmart? Or does somewhere else have them for a better deal?

AnnesZoo said...

You can get the baseball card holder pages at Walmart, Target, Kmart and even at some office supply stores like Office Max - However, the quality at the first three are very flimsy. I purchased the highest quality ones on ebay so that they would last longer since coupons are coming and going in them so often.

Hope that helps!

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