Sunday, January 11, 2009


Johnson's & Johnson's Baby products - $1 off (sometimes these will work on other J&J products too)

WAGS this week:

Colgate Total toothpaste 2/$2.79 if you use two $1.00 c/o's that will make them very cheap!

I'm getting my list together for Walgreens this week. I note it appears like you might be able to get 2 free windex if the canister or antibacterial trigger are included in the B1G1 sale. Buy 2 at B1G1 and then send in the rebate form in today's paper and get the money back for the one you paid for  them.  Don't forget to use the $.40 coupons too!

At Walgreens Aquafresh is 2.99, 75 cent coupon, $2.00 coupon in super saver book, price 24 cents.

Don't forget to see if there is a small clearance section or clearance tags on various "holiday" food style items - CHEAP FOOD - canned sweet potatoes, pie crusts, baking chocolate, etc...

The Fructis products continue all month - $2.99 minus the $2 ESC and the $1 Man coupon = free or profit if you find any on clearance for $2.19 - make sure you add one filler item so both coupons go thru without a beep since you are actually get 1 penny profit (computers dont like it).

Oust Air Sanitizer B1G1F 2/$3.79 - so basically with the coupon - you get BOTH free (YMMV depending on cashier - go to another store if they won't let you!)
- B1G1F c/o (S 11/23)
- B1G1F c/o (S 1/4)
Final price 2 for FREE?
Equal 2/$5 with in-ad cpn pg 2
- $2.50 (S 1/4)
Final price ala FREE
Bayer Breeze 2 or Contour Glucose Meter $14.99
- $14.99 rebate in box
Final price FREE

CVS - extra care bucks - freebies 
$6 ECB wyb SoyJoy 6pk ($6) monthly limit 10 FREE AFTER ECB! - buy 1 6pk and then use the ECB to bucks to buy the next ones - that way you're only out the $6 at first and will have one $6 ECB when you are done OR if you have the coupons from 1/4 - you can turn around and use your ECB from the Soyjoy to pay for the next SoyJoy, etc. But then you can't use the coupons in the newspaper for $3 off $10. It is a good idea to pay in separate orders, otherwise you end up with an ECB for $30 which is not so easy to spend. One strategy would be to buy 2 boxes, use the grocery coupons. Then buy 3 boxes, use the $12 ECB and any manufacturer's coupons. You'll probably get the soyjoys for free and will have $18 in ECB for your next visit
$5 ECB wyb Accu-Check Compact Plus Diabetes Kit (14.99) limit 1
+ $9.99 MIR (mail in rebate)

Also if you LOVE candles like I do - check the Air freshener section - and look for Febreeze candles - the Vanilla and Apple Spice ones are ringing up at $1.99 as part of the 75% off Christmas items (could be even lower too!) instead of the reg. $7.99 - use coupon if you have it still for $2 off from the P&J coupon insert.


 This coming weekend it will be FREE OPEN ACCESS on FRI - SUN to my favorite Money saving forum - - I will post the password as soon as it is available on Wed.  One of our members from the forum will be on the tv show Wife Swap. (here's the show's preview) - I will also post a link for you to use - and if you sign up, I can earn referral money for my blog.

Came across this offer in an email from Scott - Buy 2 different Scott product categories get $2 coupon rewards (electronic); buy $3, get $3; buy $4, get $4. Need UPC's, CRT, on-line form. Expires 1/26/09

free 2 oz lotion with purchase - click here - may take a moment to load - be patient!

BIC COUPONS: -$.50 off Wh
ite out
$.50 off mechanical pencils, 3.00 off mark it 24 ct markers

Jiffy Lube coupon - receive email with $5 coupon - click here

$2 off KASHI new TLC soft baked bars - click here - then click at bottom where it says get coupons

Dreamfields Pasta - $1.00 off - I've seen it on sale for $1 or a bit more - I was able to print 3 coupons


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